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Universal Round Air Cleaner Replacement Filter, Paper, 14" x 2"
Model: 3428719
Condition: NEW
Replacement Air Filter 14 x 2 …
$13.99 ea
Chevy/Ford/Mopar Air Cleaner Assembly To Valve Cover Breather Tube, 14"
Model: 1029045
Condition: NEW
Smog Tube Fitting PCV to air cleaner hook-up. Fits 5/8" & 3/4" hoses. …
$5.99 ea
Air Cleaner, Oval Full Finned Polished Aluminum, 15
Model: 3085721
Condition: NEW
Polished Aluminum Includes Base, Filter, & Mounting Stud 15 X 8 1/4 X 3 With 5 1/8 Neck (Check Measurements) …
$97.99 ea
Air Cleaner, Round Smooth Polished Aluminum, 14 X 3
Model: 3085719
Condition: NEW
Polished Aluminum Includes Base, Filter, & Mounting Stud 14 X 3 With 5 1/8 Neck (Check Measurements) …
$93.99 ea
OER Cowl Induction Air Cleaner Stud with Holly Carburetor 3747933
Model: 2029961
Condition: NEW
This is a correct reproduction of the threaded stud used on models equipped with Cowl Induction System. The stud consists standard SAE thread and is coated in clear zinc for corrosion resistance. This stud is used for all 1967-1970 big…
$10.99 ea
Chrome Plated Custom Style Air Cleaner, for 2 5/8'' or 3 1/16'' Carb Neck
Model: 3089596
Condition: NEW
10'' Diameter 3-3/8'' Tall Air Cleaner Fits 2-5/8'' or 3-1/16'' Carb Neck …
$80.99 ea
Engine Air Intake Hose, GM Cars, 1973-1992
Model: 3316043
Condition: NEW
Direct replacement for a proper fit every time. Hose slides on easily for trouble-free installation. Rigorous quality control measures have been undertaken to ensure that this part conforms to product standards.  Diameter…
$166.99 ea
Nova And Chevy II Air Filter Element, K&N, 1962-1979
Model: 3086215
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Performance Air Filter Element For Your Nova Designed To Increase Horsepower & Acceleration Flows Up To 57% More Air Than A Conventional Paper Filter Washable & Reusable Backed By The K&N Million Mile Warranty…
$125.99 ea
Nova And Chevy II Air Cleaner Flame Arrestor Cap, 1964-1972
Model: 3085741
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Air Cleaner Flame Arrestor Cap Double Stainless Mesh Construction Fits Over Breather Tube Inside Air Cleaner Base Fits All One Inch Breather Tubes Flame arrestors are your 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970…
$11.99 ea
Nova Carburetor Air Cleaner Stud, Rochester, 1962-1979
Model: 3085740
Condition: NEW
High Quality Stud Carburetor Air Cleaner Stud 1/4-20 X 3.5 Made for Rochester Carburetor Nova or Chevy II carburetor air cleaner studs keep your carburetor and air cleaner properly mounted into position. When you replace or rebuild you…
$10.99 ea
Nova Air Cleaner Cover Wing Nut, Spinner Shape, Small Bowtie Logo, Chrome, 1962-1979
Model: 3085725
Condition: NEW
Old wing nuts can rust or cross thread making them impossible to unscrew by hand, our spinner shaped wing nuts that fit both 1/4-20 and 5/16 18 Studs solves this problem easily.It is a perfect fit to add to any chrome air induction kit…
$20.99 ea
Air Cleaner, Round Black, 14 X 3
Model: 3085718
Condition: NEW
Replacement Air Cleaner Fits All 4-Barrel Carburetors With 5-1/8 Neck 14 X 3 With 5 1/8 Neck (Check Measurements) Includes Filter & Mounting Stud Recessed Base …
$52.99 ea
Right Stuff 67 - 69 3/8 Thread, 1 3/8 Hose Connector (Z-28) - Intake Manifold Fitting IMF67ZZ
Model: 3032355
Condition: NEW
67 - 69 3/8 Thread, 1 3/8 Hose Connector (Z-28) - Intake Manifold Fitting…
$29.99 ea
Ford & Lincoln K&N High Performance Air Cleaner, 2007-2015
Model: 3101069
Condition: NEW
K&N's replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. We make over 1,200 different replacement air filters for virtually every vehicle on the road. These filters…
$97.99 ea
Nova Air Intake Kit, 4 Inch, LSX, Blue, 1963-1965
Model: 3086246
Condition: NEW
Air induction systems designed to fit your classic musclecar for a better than original equipment fit and finish Sheetmetal aluminum plenum design, offering extremely low profile dimensions for tight hood clearance applications and fits…
$540.99 ea
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